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Flight Level Solutions
Global Leaders in Human Performance Improvement Training
  Flight Level Solutions seminars and keynote addresses provide any organization the tools and techniques NASA and US Navy's elite fighter pilots use to eliminate human error from the most dynamic, challenging, and high-risk environments.

Whether your goal is to improve human performance, efficiency, safety, or quality, our programs are perfect for your team.

Jack Becker's team at Flight Level Solutions provides high-energy and dynamic on-site keynote speeches and seminars that teach your team to improve each and every day. We've trained thousands from global leading companies to championship level athletic teams. You will learn Crew Resource Management with invaluable additions:

Top Gun Brief, Debrief, Improve Methodologies
Human Performance Excellence
Risk Management
Lessons Learned Incorporation
Checklist Formulation and Adherence
Mutual Support "The Wingman Mentality"
Game Day Performance
Human Factors Issues with Fatigue, Stress, Task Saturation, Automation, Working Memory, Ergonomics, Human Capabilities and Limitations

CRM has proven so beneficial, for nearly 20 years US Navy Fighter Pilots, US Air Force Pilots, and all FAA sanctioned airline pilots have been required to attend CRM training at least once a year.

Your organization will undergo an all-encompassing transition operating at the highest levels of human performance and efficiency, and embracing a true "culture of excellence."

Contact FLIGHT LEVEL SOLUTIONS today to learn how we can provide
Team Resource Management training helping your team operate at peak levels of human performance!

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