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Flight Level Solutions
Flight Level Solutions is unlike any other CRM, teamwork, keynote, or safety program in use today.

Proven success. Within all regions of GE Power and Water (N.America) our program decreased OSHA recordable mishaps over 60%!! What a cost savings!! Imagine how smoothly your organization would run with 60% fewer mistakes!

There is nothing more boring than another typical teambuilding session or safety seminar. Wasting money and time, these programs leave attendees frustrated and uninterested.

Enter Flight Level Solutions…

Our on-site, fast paced, results based program will leave your organization motivated and ready to create your “culture of excellence.”

Handpicked for teamwork and efficiency experience, every member of the team at Flight Level Solutions is a nationally recognized dynamic and entertaining speaker, masterful at captivating audiences. Whether combat proven fighter pilots or the country’s leading medical professionals, let the Flight Level Solutions team change your organization forever.

FLS trains your workforce with not only the cutting edge tools and techniques that today’s Fifth-Generation Crew Resource Management (CRM) programs provide, but Team Resource Management (TRM) skills including the Navy’s TOP GUN Brief, Debrief and Execution methodologies, as well as human factors understanding to truly change the culture in your organization with breathtaking results.

Crew Resource Management
Seven Critical Skills
• Communication
• Assertiveness
• Leadership
• Decision Making
• Task Analysis
• Adaptability/Flexibility
• Situational Awareness
US Navy TOP GUN Brief, Debrief, and Execution techniques and strategies
Risk Management
Lessons Learned Incorporation
Checklist Formulation and Adherence
SBAR: Situation Background Assessment Recommendation
Human Factors Training
• Fatigue
• Stress
• Task Saturation
• Automation
• Memory
• Ergonomics
• Human Capabilities and Limitations

Contact Flight Level Solutions today to bring your team up to the standard NASA astronauts
and US Navy fighter pilots perform every day, every mission, and every maneuver.

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