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The use of aviation teamwork behaviors and skills proves applicable to an endless number of dynamic, challenging, and high-risk industries.

Within all regions of GE Power and Water (N.America) our program decreased OSHA recordable mishaps
over 60%!! What a cost savings!!

Communication, decision making, assertiveness, and situational awareness are the bedrock foundation to a safe day on the job.

Countless industries are plagued by human error because regardless of how well trained or technically proficient their workforce is, they don’t spend enough time developing the team. Our understanding of why errors are made, when they are made, and how to stop them from being committed can elevate your organization to the highest level of efficiency and safety.

The report on the 2008 Metrolink crash in Los Angeles, CA that left 25 dead stated, “this was an accident waiting to happen.” Flight Level Solutions “culture of safety” provides error identification, error mitigation, and error avoidance – we will help you identify problem areas and provide layers of error protection averting catastrophe.

In 2003, Assistant Secretary of the Mine Safety and Health Administration David Lauriski said, “What we have found through years of studies is that 95 percent of mining accidents are caused by the human factor, yet we continually study machines and equipment. When we started looking at who was involved in the accidents, we predicted that they were primarily young, inexperienced miners, but what we found was that it was the older and more experienced miners that were getting hurt and killed.”

Flight Level Solutions will help your team in combating complacency and resurrecting a truly safe work environment.

Perfect team training for:

• Merchant Vessel Crews
• Longshoremen/Dock Workers
• Railroad Crews
• Maintenance Crews
• Construction Crews
• Mining Crews
• Oil Rig Teams
• Manufacturing Crews
• Countless other applications

Contact Flight Level Solutions today to bring your team up to the standard NASA astronauts and US Navy fighter pilots perform every day, every mission, and every maneuver.

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