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Fire Fighting/Police/First Responders

Imagine a safer and more efficient on-scene location without the expense of the latest equipment or technical training.

Whether at the fireground or on-scene with first responders, we know that accidents are not simply random occurrences. Fully trained operators cause accidents and make mistakes. Breakdowns in communication, leadership, and situational awareness continue to kill our teammates and threaten every mission.

Break the chain of complacency.

Since 1975, US firefighters have suffered over 100 firefighter deaths each year. Over the next decade, over 1,100 will die. The last 30 years have seen the largest boom in firefighting safety and technology, yet there has been no decline in on-scene mortality rates. Something has got to change.

We’ve trained some of the nation’s largest metro fire departments and some of the smallest volunteer forces. Our programs have proven to reduce human error for all first responders.

Flight Level Solutions will bring your team the tools and techniques used by NASA astronauts and US Navy fighter pilots to keep the most dynamic teams operating efficiently and safely.

Perfect team training for:

Industrial Fire Brigades
SWAT Teams
EOD Teams
EMT Teams
Homeland Security Teams
Airborne Units: Medevac Air Ambulance Teams
Police Helicopter Teams

Contact Flight Level Solutions today to learn how we can provide Team Resource Management training
helping you operate more efficiently and more safely.

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