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  SBAR - Situation Background Assessment Recommendation  
The SBAR technique is derived from the US Navy creating a common method for effective information transfer by providing a standardized form of clear and concise communications among healthcare providers. There are countless opportunities that involve transferring vital patient information:
• EMT to Nurse
• Nurse to Nurse
• Nurse to Physician
• Physician to Nurse
• Patient transfer to another facility or level of care
• New policy or procedure directives
Safety is a by-product of standardized execution, and standardized communication through SBAR is a cornerstone of this methodology.

Situation: brief summary of patient:
                age, gender, chief complaint

Background: pertinent past medical history
                   allergies, surgical history, social history
                   medications, current care this visit

Assessment: summarize facts
                    problem list

Recommendations: plan for each item on problem list

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