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  “Every person in the American workplace should attend this training! Best I’ve seen! Highly recommended! This is just what we were looking for! I will be asking you to attend future meetings for some follow on training, and providing additional training at our individual project sites.”

Jack Duley
Dir. Safety and Health, Clark Construction

“100% of our employees, including the 3 owners, partcipated. The cost was a bargain-even if it were twice the price! To put it mildly, from the moment Jack walked into our lobby, in his flight suit no less, team Auto Metal Craft Inc. was blown away! Any company would benefit just by having this guy in the room. Alone, Jack Becker's social currency is worth the price. We hope to have him back in the near future and make it an annual event!”

Kim “Sales” Woody
President , Auto Metal Craft, Inc.

“Dynamite presentation! Jack Becker has really given us something to believe in! His Team Resource Management training not only developed our safety culture, but also increased our quality and efficiency. We will definitely have FLS back!”
Dr. Gary Pekoe
CEO, Arkios BioDevelopment International

“Jack Becker knocked it out of the park! Our national convention was a hit because of his Team Resource Management seminar! Top Notch!”
Dan Harrison
Director, Hampton Roads Shipping Assoc.

“Groundbreaking insight to improving all aspects of safety! Jack’s tools and techniques have helped our entire department operate better! Absolutely awesome!”
Laurie Gurley
Battalion Chief (Training), VBFD

“Outstanding! Jack Becker has truly changed our culture for the better. We have reduced our mishaps over 60% since his training!! Thanks Jack!! Best presentation I’ve seen in my career by far!!!
Mark Coose
North American Director, General Electric

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